How to love yourself + why it’s the key to everything

How to love yourself + why it’s the key to everything

Feb 20

20th February 2017

I was thrilled to be a part of a video summit this month called LOVE WHO YOU ARE.

Getting to talk as an expert on self-love really reminded me of how significant it is in my life right now.

It’s the reason…
… I love who I am.
… I choose to question my inner critic.
… I work through my emotional blocks and the things that are holding me back.
… I’m happy and healthy.
… I like eating good foods and moving my body.
… I  have amazing people and relationships in my life.
… I am forever chasing after my dreams.

Self-love is the key to everything for me.

In this video I talk about self-love, how it has helped me, how it can help you and what you can do to start bringing more of it into your life right now.


I also chat about a post I wrote on self love years ago called 30 ways to practice self-love and be good to yourself.

I still believe this list is a great way for you to start loving the gorgeous and amazing human that you are.

Much love and talk soon,